5th Macao Fun Fair 2018

The 5th Macao Festival is held on September 22 in the outdoor parking lot of King Square at the City of Markham. The Macao Festival has been hosted by the Macao Club (Toronto) Inc., supported by the Macao Foundation, co-chaired by the Mayor of Markham and Councillor Alan Ho and sponsored by King Square. 

This year’s Macao Festival also celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are more food stalls, large game stalls, remote-controlled small racing cars, dynamic racing video games, large stage performances of Western music, dance, pictures exhibition of Macao’s culinary capital. Admission to the public is free. All visitors with different ages enjoy eating, drinking and playing happily according to their own appropriate style.

The Macao Club (Toronto) Inc. through this year’s large-scale outdoor event, make different ethnic groups in Toronto learn more about Macao, promote local feeling and cultural exchanges between Macao and Canada.