Macao Festival

Macao Festival is an annual 3 days outdoor festival to promote Macao’s culture, tourism and cuisine. This festival also acts as a bridge to strengthen the ties between Macao and Canada.

Macao Festival is organized by Macao Club (Toronto) Inc. and supported by Macau Foundation. This festival features over 50 food vendors on various cuisines, professionally designed stage with live music and continuous performances, cultural arts demonstrations, games and activities for all ages. Admission is free.

The goal of this festival is to share and celebrate Macao’s culture and traditions. With its Portuguese influences, Macao is a perfect & unique fusion of culture for all to explore.

7th Macao Fun Fair 2022

6th Macao Fun Fair 2019

5th Macao Fun Fair 2018

4th Macao Fun Fair 2017

3rd Macao Fun Fair 2016

2nd Macao Fun Fair 2015

1st Macao Fun Fair 2014