2nd Macao Fun Fair - 2015

The 2nd Macao Cultural and Food Festival is held at Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park on August 29, 2015. ​ This event is organized by the Macao Club (Toronto) Inc. and supported by the Macao Foundation. The 2015 Food Festival is sponsored by Willow Springs Winery, Tradeworld Realty Inc., CIBC Bank and Mr. Raymond Kan.

In order to foster the younger generation’s awareness of Chinese culture and the attribution of Macao, the co-ordination and promotion of the whole event is organized by the youth members of the club. The event including Chinese and Western music, dance, booth games, Macao specialty and calligraphy performances etc.… The main theme was to promote Macao’s 400-year-old cultural, artistic and culinary integration to different ethnic groups in Canada, a multicultural country.