3rd Macao Fun Fair - 2016

Macao as a Special Administrative Region of China has strived to develop into an international high-quality tourism and leisure city. It has successfully joined the World Heritage Site with its charactearistic mixed culture of East and West. Macao’s annual Grand Prix is one of tourism brand symbols, and the impression is thrilling and intense! 

The Macao Club (Toronto) Inc. is founded in 1993, aims to connect with nostalgia  and promote the mixed culture of China and Portuguese with Macao characteristics. Over the past 23 years, different activities have been held, in addition to unite the friendship between members, they also organize different groups to visit Macao, and participate in the annual MIF Trade Exhibition to strengthen the exchanges between Canada and Macao. 

The Macao Foundation continues to support this event, exhibiting the Grand Prix precious photos as the theme and promoting Macao’s tourism and racing activities in the overseas.

Press Conference