About Macao Club Toronto


1993 – 1998 Early Beginnings

With an influx of Macao people immigrants moving to Canada during the 1970’s and 80’s, in 1993, Macao Club was established as a registered non-profit organization in Ontario under the leadership of Michael Cheung to build community and provide services for those who call Toronto home. In 1994, Edmund Ho, Roque Choi, Johnny Siu Hung Chan, and José Vai Chi Cheong contributed generously towards Macao Club to cover initial costs of starting an organization. In 1996, Macao Club began intentionally to raise money through the Chinese Operatic for Macao Club for a clubhouse to mark its place in the city of Toronto. Between the years of 1995 to 1998, Stanley Ho connected Macao Club with Fundação Oriente to reach an agreement in providing a clubhouse located on 4168 Finch Ave. East PH52-56, Scarborough, Ontario. In this clubhouse, Edmund Ho donated money to create the Ho Yin Memorial Library in memory of his father.

1998 – 2003 Garnering International Recognition

As Macao’s identity shifts from being a Portuguese colony to being under the Republic of China’s sovereignty, Macao Club also reflects these changes at the local and international level. On December 20, 1999, when Macao returned to China, Macao Club brought a group of representatives to Macao to enjoy celebratory festivities. During that time, Michael Cheung, who was president of Macao Club, built ties between Macao Club and the Macao government, which helped set establish a firm foundation for Macao Club. In 1999, Macao Club participated in the first of many Encontro das Comunidades Macaenses, an event organized by Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses (CCM). CCM is an international organization that conglomerates all the “Casa de Macao” from around the world every three years for Encontro das Comunidades Macaenses. At the local level in Toronto, social activities in Macao Club grew to include interest classes, monthly birthday celebration, annual one-day trip, and a Chinese orchestral performance group. In addition, Macao Club began annually to nominate qualified member’s children studying in post-secondary education for a financial scholarship by Fundação Oriente.

2003 – 2008 Building Relationship and Reputation

A momentous occasion was when Macao Club received the SAR district flag from Edmund Ho, who was at that time the Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It was a special privilege for Macao Club to be bestowed upon such a precious gift. Macao Club was invited to participate as an honoured guest in Macao’s international East Asia Sports events. In addition, Macao Club provided hospitality to Macao Dragon Boat Team who traveled far and wide to participate in Toronto Dragon Boat Race.

2008 – 2013 Strengthening Ties with Macao

In 2008, CCM inaugurated a youth division of Encontro in their triennial meeting. This opportunity allowed Macao Club’s qualified member’s children to go on a weeklong trip not only to immerse in the culture of Macao but also to observe the developments of the city. The goal of Encontro sought to create through this event was for youths to be exposed to their parent’s upbringing. In 2009, Macao Club commemorated 10 years of Macao’s return to China through many parties and festivities in Toronto. Moreover in 2011, Macao Club had the honour and privilege to send representatives to attend the memorial service celebrating 100 years after the Xinhai Revolution, which marked the end of China’s imperial rule and the beginning of the early republican era.

2013 – 2018 Philanthropically Contributing to the Community

In 2013, Macao Club celebrated 20 years of establishment in Toronto by inaugurating, “Macao Night – Experience Macao,” which is hosted in partnership with Macau Government Tourism Office. This annual evening ball allows people to experience food, culture, and tourism of Macao. Macao Club is not only a place for Macao people to find community, the club also gives back to the local community. From 2014, Macao Club helped SickKids Foundation fundraise through telethon and events, such as Glitter, and Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk. Moreover, Macao Club hosted “Macao Art” in Macao and Toronto to showcase artwork representing the relationship between Macao and Canada. All of the proceeds earned from auctioning these artworks went towards SickKids Foundation. Since 2014, Macao Foundation contributes yearly to Macao Club’s annual event, “Macao Fun Fair,” which is geared towards sparking youths with an interest in Macao. In 2015 and 2016, Macao Club connected with local business partners in the Toronto area to participate in Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF). In 2016, a formal agreement between Macao Club and the Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau was established. Also, in Macao Club’s 2016 AGM, current by-laws were written.